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About Scripps Farms

As the saying goes “we are what we eat”. Fresh and nourishing food paves the way for a sound body and a sound mind. Growing the food in your own yard gives the ultimate freedom in several things: choice, freshness, taste, and quality. All of this while getting one step closer to nature with happiness and satisfaction of taking care of the plants that always give back much more…


At Scripps Farms we provide thriving vegetable and specialty potted plants of select choice ready to be planted in your back yard to “hit the ground running”. We use quality organic seeds and grow them in the greenhouse until they are 6 to 8 weeks old before shipment. Our team includes food enthusiasts who do full-time day jobs but have a high personal interest in growing plants for everyone. We pride in being nimble and serving your needs directly at affordable pricing

As we all bounce out of the present pandemic restrictions, the awareness and healthy life-style each one of us has adopted over the past year will continue and at Scripps Farms we are committed to providing your home plant needs. We strongly hope to serve you, please browse the choice of available plants on this page and take a minute to provide feedback if there are any plants that you want us to include in the future.


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Ready To Grow Your Garden?

View our collections for the latest vegetable plants you can grow in your garden.

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