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This is a long-type hybrid bottle gourd and referred to as calabash gourd or Indian Long type gourd. Gourds are cylindrical shape, 18-20” long, green color. Vigorous vines and many branches making this a high yielding bottle gourd.

⦁    Warm season annual
⦁    Maturity: Approx. 45-50 days
⦁    Planting season: Late spring/early summer

Cultivation: Requires a long, warm growing season. Prepare fertile well drained soil. Transfer the plant in late spring/early summer (soil temp at least 60°F) in a warm and sunny location. The plant is being grown in the greenhouse for approximately 6 – 8 weeks. Keep soil moist. Fertilize as needed. Train to climb a vertical support for better air circulation, straighter fruit and ease of harvest. Bottle gourd flowers during early evening to sunrise. May need hand pollination. Harvest fruit when young and tender.

Please note: Maturity, adaptability and disease tolerance may differ under your specific climate and/or growing conditions.


Culinary tips: Bottle gourd is popular in Asian cuisine. Sauté young tender gourds with shrimp or add to soups and stir-fries.

Bottle Gourd, Nam Tao Yai, Hybrid - India Type - Lagenaria siceraria

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