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Purslane is also known as GangaValli kura or Luni-bhaji. The Purslane can be eaten raw, used in soups or as a curry. It is pleasant tasting, bit lemony and a bit like cucumber or green beans. The succulent nature can make it nice for soups. Purslane has high content of Omega-3 fatty acids, rich in vitamins and low in fat and calories. It has 2.5% Protein

⦁    Grows well in partial shade
⦁    Maturity: Approx. 55 - 75 days
⦁    Planting season: Late spring/summer

Cultivation: Prepare fertile, well-drained soil. Plant seeds ¼" deep. Plant can tolerate poor solid. Germination in 12-21 days at soil temperature at least 75’F.

Please note: Maturity, adaptability and disease tolerance may differ under your specific climate and/or growing conditions.

Culinary tips: Popular in Indian dishes. Often prepared with potatoes and served with yogurt to offset the bitter flavor. Recommended as a healthy food by the American Diabetic Association.

More than 400 seeds in packet. (A seed will vary in weight and size within a given seed lot. The number of seeds stated is only an estimate.)

Purslane (Green), GangaValli Kura, Luni-bhaji

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